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Day One Christmas Appeal

Help us be there for people like Lucie this Christmas

Lucie’s Story

Surviving being hit by a tractor was just the start. I was 19 and thought I was going to die. My injuries were like I’d been hit by a bomb. They amputated my right leg at the hip. My internal organs stopped working. I spent 18 months in hospital. That Christmas I should have been partying with my friends, not crying in hospital, grieving for the future that was taken from me.

I’m so grateful that Day One was there for me and my family at Christmas. Someone to listen. Someone for my mum to offload to. They even gave me a present. They helped me realise I would enjoy life again.

Surviving trauma is just the start. Support Day One’s Christmas appeal so no one is left to rebuild their life on their own.

Donate to Day One’s Christmas appeal and your gift will be doubled

Why we need your support

A car colliding with another at speed. A body hitting the concrete after a fall. Limbs crushed. Bones shattered and splintered. Skin and muscle ripped open with a knife.

Major trauma changes lives in an instant.

The consequences go on beyond the immediate impact of the injuries.

The hospital stay, the months of agony and chronic exhaustion; the waiting for bones to heal, the fear and loneliness; employment loss, drained finances, legal battles and mental health crises: every area of a life can be damaged.

It is an isolating and terrifying experience.

At Day One we believe no one should go through this alone.

By giving to our Christmas appeal, you can provide financial advice and support to people who’ve suffered a catastrophic injury – helping to improve their well-being and mental health.

Donate to Day One’s Christmas appeal

Our Caseworkers are at Major Trauma Centres across seven sites in the north of England and we have a national advice and support line open to anyone who needs us.

Your donation will mean people get professional, compassionate, helpful support and advice from Day One after their accident. Not only that, but we’ll be there to help for as long as it takes.

We often pay for things like parking, petrol and overnight accommodation so family can visit a loved one in hospital. Without our help, patients would often end up alone or in debt – both severely affecting well-being and recovery.

Day One is there right from the start to make sure no one is alone and everyone gets the support they need.

How We'll Use Your Donation

You can double your impact this Christmas thanks to the matched funding from Aviva.

Every £32.36 we receive turns into two hours of advice, support and listening.

Your kindness will mean our Caseworker can be there for Lucie and others from day one and for as long as it takes. Listening and providing access to legal support, helping with welfare claims and signposting financial help. Working with the patient and their family to find rehab, psychological support and everything needed to aid recovery.

Donate today and double your gift
Find out more about Lucie's story

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