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Etape Caledonia (15 May 2022)

Etape Caledonia is a closed-road ride taking place on Sunday 15 May 2022. With 5,000 places on offer each year, this sell-out event attracts riders from all over the country to take on one of the most breath-taking rides through the spectacular Scottish Highlands.

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London 2 Brighton (28-29 May 2022)

Fundraise for Day One by taking part in London 2 Brighton Challenge! Now in its 10th year over 2,000 adventurers will take on the Capital to Coast route and test their grit over the whole weekend. Richmond-Upon-Thames is the start, and it’s over the North Downs with wonderful Surrey & Sussex countryside to half way at Turners Hill. The full 100 km route heads over the South Downs before the welcome sight of the Brighton coastline comes in to view. You’ll get full support & hospitality all the way – and with half, and quarter distance options also available – there’s a classic challenge here for everyone!

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London Nightrider (11-12 June 2022)

London Nightrider takes place on the historic streets of London with 50 or 100km routes to choose from – both of which take in some of the capital city’s most iconic landmarks – under the night sky.

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Peak District Challenge (9-10 July 2022)

This challenge offers a full range of camping options, car parking, and extensive hospitality & welfare services across the weekend – with a full 100 km Challenge which takes a tough & varied figure of 8 route through Derbyshire’s finest scenery. You’ll get full support all the way, and with half & quarter distance options also which pass Chatsworh House – there’s a Peak District Challenge for everyone!

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Great North Run (11 September 2022)

57,000 determined and dedicated runners make the Great North Run the World’s biggest and best half marathon – famous for its warm North East welcome, unbeatable atmosphere and the millions raised for good causes.

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Yorkshire Marathon (16 October 2022)

Thousands of runners of all abilities take to its truly breath-taking course.

You’ll never be far from the locals who will be out in force to cheer you along. The event is a global draw and spectators come from across the world to be part of the experience!

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Yorkshire Three Peaks

The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge takes you through beautiful countryside to the peaks of Pen-y-ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough, which form part of the Pennine range, and encircles the head of the valley of the River Ribble, in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Challenge yourself to complete the walk in 12 hours or less!

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