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The History of Day One

From pioneering project in Leeds to national charity

Professor Giannoudis recognised that the formal review led by NHS England and subsequent configuration of NHS Major Trauma Centres in the UK in 2010, had a hugely positive effect on clinical care and outcomes for major trauma. However, based on time listening to his patients, Professor Giannoudis also recognised there were still significant gaps in the support, care and guidance that patients and their families need in the aftermath of major trauma. Help they would need to be able to recover and move forward positively with their lives.

The charity was developed with the help of a number of committed, former patients of Professor Giannoudis, all of whom helped shape the charity, and many of whom continue to be involved today as Volunteer Peer Supporters, fundraisers, and champions.

Day One began in Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust, at the Leeds General Infirmary, where Professor Giannoudis works as a Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon. The charity was previously administered by Leeds Hospital Charity (formerly known as Leeds Cares) but there was always a view that Day One had the potential to reach out beyond Leeds. On 1st May 2021 Day One became an independent registered national charity, allowing it to embark on ambitious plans for expansion of services to other Major Trauma Centres in the UK and beyond.

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