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04 March 2021

Day One receives incredible £1 million donation from Wyss Foundation

by Callum Campbell

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Day One Trauma Support are thrilled to announce that they have received a phenomenal £1 million donation from the Wyss Foundation to help the charity continue to support trauma patients and their families.

Gary Brennan, a former patient at the Leeds General Infirmary (LGI), suffered extensive and life changing injuries in a motorbike accident ten years ago. Gary’s injuries were treated by Professor Giannoudis and his team at LGI, but his journey to recovery has been long and tough.

Gary said: “Day One Trauma Support didn’t exist at the time of my accident, but I could feel the gap and could see what support was missing for patients and families. I was desperate for help so that I could see a light at the end of the tunnel when my world had collapsed. I was scared, I felt guilty, I was in pain all the time and I could not see a future. I needed to talk to someone who understood how I felt and had been through something similar.

“I now support other people who have experienced trauma. I feel so proud to be a part of other people’s recovery journey and helping others has also helped me on my own journey to recovery. I will always proudly support Day One but there is so much more the charity can do thanks to donations, so I urge you to find out more and get involved.”

“I feel so proud to be a part of other people’s recovery journey and helping others has also helped me on my own journey to recovery.”

Gary Brennan,
Former patient & peer mentor

Lucy Nickson, Chief Executive of Day One Trauma Support, said: “I have been brought in to lead Day One Trauma Support on this exciting journey to independence. This extraordinary support from the Wyss Foundation will make a huge difference to people who are affected by trauma. It will help us support them and their families at a time when they are trying to come to terms with what is often a life changing and totally unexpected event. We have a big challenge ahead of us, but I firmly believe that we are in great shape to develop and grow, reaching out to many more people across the UK who will need our support”

Stephen Schwartz, Chief Executive of the Wyss Foundation, said: “‘We are honoured to support Day One. The work that the charity has done, and continues to do, is so impressive and is truly making a difference to patient care and recovery. We are so pleased to hear of the plans to support trauma patients in other Major Trauma Centres across the UK and we salute Prof. Giannoudis and all the dedicated and compassionate people who are providing support and energy to sustain and expand this remarkable initiative.”

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