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05 October 2022

Motorcyclist pals to take on 15,000ft skydive for Day One

by Dave Nichols

DOTS Mark Mc Court and Cory Alazzawi fundraising

A MOTORCYCLIST who was left seriously injured after a horrific crash will take on a 15,000ft charity skydive with his friend to support Day One.

Mark McCourt, of South Shields, shattered his pelvis, and broke his leg, knee, ribs and vertebrate after a car ran over his body moments after knocking him off his motorbike in April 2021. Mark remained awake throughout the ordeal, which resulted in him flipping over his handlebars, bouncing off the car bonnet, skidding along the road and eventually being run over by the car.

Mark, 40, was air lifted to the Major Trauma Centre at The James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough, where specialist medical staff operated on him. He spent a month in hospital and even longer at home recovering, which involved learning to walk again, living and sleeping downstairs, and showering in a pop-up tent in the garden.

You can read Mark's story here.

Just two weeks before the crash, Mark had enjoyed a motorcycle track day with long-term biker friend Cory Alazzawi, of Whitburn, Sunderland. Now, the pair are taking on another joint experience – but this time jumping out of an aeroplane at 15,000ft to raise money for Day One.

"When I first had my crash, I wasn’t sure I would even be able to walk the dog again, let alone jump out of an aeroplane from 15,000ft. I can’t wait to push myself to support such a fantastic charity that is helping people like me who suffer life-changing injuries and don’t know where to turn."

Mark McCourt

Day One has supported more than 120 trauma patients and their families from across the northeast, since launching its services at James Cook in February.

Mark helped launch the charity at James Cook in May by sharing his story.

Although his bones have healed, he is still receiving specialist treatment in London for his damaged bladder and urethra, undergoing physio for his pelvic area and walks with a limp due to weakness in his left leg. The former marine engineer is also dealing with the ongoing psychological impact caused by the injuries.

But his life has turned around in many ways, having married his long-term partner Maria in August, and the couple are expecting their first child together later this month.

Electrician Cory, who runs Lovely Electrical LTD, is donating five percent of his profits over the past couple of months to the charity fundraiser. Cory is still recognised in the local area for appearing on ITV’s dating show Take Me Out in 2016 – where he impressed contestants with his segway skills.

The jump is due to take place on Saturday 8 October at Sky-High Skydiving at Peterlee Parachute Centre, in Shotton Colliery, Durham.

To support Mark and Cory, visit their fundraising page.

"Mark’s injuries were horrendous and he did very well to pull through and be the man he is today. It just shows how strong he is mentally and physically. I found it heart-wrenching when he spoke to me and sent me photos of his injuries. I’m just glad we’re able to do this together and support a great charity."

Cory Alazzawi

"We’re thrilled Mark and Cory are supporting Day One by organising such a daring fundraiser. Money raised from events like this make such a difference to our charity – helping ensure we can be there for even more people who suffer life-changing injuries, whenever and wherever they need us."

Lydia Gray, Day One fundraising officer

Surviving major trauma was just the start for Mark.
No one should be left to rebuild their life on their own.

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