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Stories of recovery

Inspiring stories of recovery and hope

DOTS BGCC22 Michal web

Day One helped me realise I wasn't alone.

Michal had no clothes, no money, and no one to help him.
DOTS BGCC Emma and Jason Milner web
I didn’t want him to be scared and alone again.
Rachel and Sophie 2
Day One made sure Sophie had what she needed most. Her mum.
You have been the light in my darkest hours and I am forever grateful 2
I feel so much lighter
DOTS Aintree 10years Ruby Flanagan SMALL
Knowing where to turn
DOTS JCUH Mark Mc Court and Maria Kajda
Learning to walk again
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I didn't think it was possible
Grace Photo 3rd September 2020 1
My new normal
Shabnum Image
Finding the right support
Godbehere family
Closer than ever
Recovering from trauma
Screen Shot 2021 05 18 at 16 15 50
My road to recovery
Home asset 1 100
Regaining my independence

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