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All stories of recovery

Day One made sure I was there for Jason.

I didn’t want him to be scared and alone again.
DOTS BGCC Emma and Jason Milner web

When a policeman knocked on my door, my heart instantly sank.

When he asked if my husband was called Jason, I feared the worse.

Jason was knocked off his bike while cycling to work.

In that split second, I just pictured him lying on the floor. I kept thinking about how scared and alone he must have felt. I didn’t want him to be scared and alone again.

I needed to be by his side in hospital. For him to know I was there for him. For him to hold our daughter Ava.

We had no money. I was on maternity leave and it was just before pay day. Even though I had all my family around me I felt so alone.

A small grant from Day One Trauma Support meant I could be there for Jason. I no longer had to worry about the cost of petrol and parking, and whether I could afford to see him every day.

In the briefest of moments, our lives had been shattered.
It was too much to piece it back together on our own.

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