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Joanne’s Story

Surviving my assault was just the start
You have been the light in my darkest hours and I am forever grateful 2

Every year, hundreds of women are admitted to hospital with serious injuries as a result of domestic violence. This is 'Joanne's' story. We have changed her name to protect her identity.

Joanne was admitted to a Major Trauma Centre, fighting for her life after being violently attacked by her partner.

The assault left Joanne with life-changing injuries.

But it wasn't just her broken bones that needed mending. Her life had been shattered and it was too much for her to piece it back together on her own.

While she was trying to recover, Joanne's biggest worry was about the impact on her young children. She was extremely concerned about her financial situation and debt.

As well as being violent, her partner had been financially abusive. This meant she was no longer able to access her money. Without help, it could have become difficult for her to afford food for her children while she was still recovering in hospital.

Day One's caseworker met Joanne on the ward, when she was in this extremely precarious and vulnerable position. We initially helped Joanne by providing emergency funding for family essentials, including food for her children. Emergency funding also allowed Joanne’s friend, who was looking after the children, to travel to hospital, so she was not alone.

This initial support removed enormous pressures for Joanne, who became less distressed and was able to better focus on her recovery.

“Thank you so much for all your support. I feel so much better talking to you and I feel so much lighter. I know we are not friends, but it feels like we are as you have been there for me through my highs and lows. I am so grateful for the support of Day One, you have been the light in my darkest hours, and I am forever grateful.”

Once Joanne was discharged from hospital, our caseworker remained in contact with her. Joanne was struggling at home, but Day One was able to refer her to debt advice and domestic abuse support organisations who provide long term support. Our caseworker also referred Joanne’s family to our counselling service and ensured that she had the correct emotional support in place.

Joanne continues to recover, not only from her physical injuries, but the upheaval and mental scars of a violent abusive relationship. Without Day One, Joanne could have fallen through the cracks, and not received the right help when she needed it most.

When someone is piecing their life back together, we are with them - from day one and for as long as it takes.

Surviving major trauma was just the start for Joanne.

No one should be left to rebuild their life on their own.

The last time we checked in with Joanne, she and her children were safe and rebuilding their new life. If you have been affected by this story and need support please visit the Women's Aid website >> or contact us >>

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