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I'm supporting someone after a traumatic injury

Information for family members and carers

When somebody has a traumatic injury, it's distressing for everyone involved. We can provide information and support early on so that you don’t feel too overwhelmed.

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How we can help you

In the Major Trauma Centres where we work, we can support you in the following ways.

Legal support

You might be wondering if there’s a legal case to pursue, either on behalf of your loved one or for your child. We can arrange free legal advice about the incident with our legal panel.

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Emergency fund

Our Emergency Fund is available to families of limited means to help cover any costs incurred during their relative’s stay in hospital, for example travel and accommodation costs, parking and other unforeseen expenses such as clothes, food and toiletries.

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Benefits and welfare advice

Understanding what benefits and support may be available to you can help you make informed decisions about employment or finances. We can advise on the key benefit entitlements available, including universal credit and sickness and disability benefits.

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Family Counselling

We provide counselling for the close relatives of patients to help them work through their anxieties and emotions and help them to feel supported as they come to terms with the traumatic event which has affected their family.

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Crisis Support Organisations

If you require urgent support, please contact one of the NHS or other services listed on our crisis support page.

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