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When a major traumatic accident or event occurs it not only affects your life but has implications for the people you live with and who love you.

After a traumatic event, partners and spouses may have to take on a caring role and additional responsibilities around the home. You may no longer be able to do the things together as a couple or family, that you did before you were injured, or you may need to make adjustments until you are further along your recovery journey. Everyone will have different emotions that they are dealing with.

Day One provides counselling for the close relatives and loved ones of patients to help them work through their anxieties and emotions and help them to feel supported as they come to terms with the traumatic event which has affected their family.

Counselling is funded by Day One Trauma Support and provided by our approved provider Care First, who provide professional counselling support from clinically trained experts. People referred by Day One can make a telephone call to the Care First line at any time, day or night, to speak to a counsellor who can provide ‘in the moment’ support, to help them deal with any immediate anxiety, for example if they are feeling overwhelmed or unable to sleep.

Counsellors assess each caller to ensure that their immediate needs are met and identify those people who might benefit from a series of structured sessions. These sessions can be provided over the phone or face-to-face to help them cope with the impact of major trauma in their life.

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