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Peer Support

People who have experienced major trauma may spend weeks, even months in hospital, and regular visits or phone calls from a Peer Support Volunteer can provide you with an opportunity to talk with someone who has had a similar experience to you.

Talk to someone like you.

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You can also access Peer Support after you have been discharged from hospital. There is no time limit for getting in touch. We are here for you from day one of your admission, and at any point along your recovery journey.

Our Peer Supporters provide a listening ear for you to talk about the things that may be worrying you. They may also be able to answer your questions about what to expect in terms of how you feel, what might happen during treatment and what to expect as you begin to recover at home.

Above all, our team of caring and committed Peer Supporters are here to inspire hope, alleviate loneliness and create a safe space to support you or your family during this difficult and sometimes frightening time.

Robert Nottingham and Prof G

All our peer supporters are safely selected, trained and supported to deliver Peer Support. They undergo an assessment to ensure that they themselves are ready, in terms of their own recovery, to take on the role of supporting others like you.

You can be put in touch with a Peer Supporter by speaking to our Day One Case Worker, or by completing the form, below. We try to match you with a Peer Supporter who has experienced a similar accident or injuries as you.

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